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Hello again funplanera chavalada.

Today we tell the getaway weekend we did in January with the small Xana Santiago Millas, a small quiet village near Astorga. Managed to coordinate, not without the invaluable help of The Fun Plan , 22 JASF (young but too well partiers), three children, five bikes and two come dogs from different corners of cowhide for a meeting whose agenda only contemplated enjoy in good company. Simple and to the point.

After managing The Fun Plan we stayed in the cottage La Somoza which exceeded our expectations by far. We decided that each take some home cooked dish and it was a great success. This helped plan this weekend was also   low cost .

If you are in the area visiting Astorga is mandatory so we hearkened and Saturday we went there. Most drive and a small group cycling through Castilian fields. Xanita joined the latter group but decided to do without vehicle. We passed through a village, judging by appearances, only populated by a group of friendly mastiffs very kindly escorted us giving joyful barking until I felt that we had gone far enough in its territory, a few kilometers from the village. We think that the barking was friendly because if I had not been there Rita, which must be very brave.

Xana trips, travel group in Astorga

Photo courtesy of José Manuel Fernández

A feeling I do not know whether to recommend this being escorted by a pack of large dogs like these. Impressive and almost scares. Once they left us alone was present a group of 5 corzos bouncing as indicating that enjoy good health and try to catch them is impossible, utopian task. This message was not caught entirely by small Xanita that ran after them like a soul Botin. Of course, their effort was fruitless. I wonder what would have thought to do little with about 5 times larger animals she should get close? I will never know or get it but I’m afraid not stop trying.

The road to Astorga us a final surprise in store as river. We had two options, cross bike and continue the journey with wet feet or take off our shoes and walk across. There was no discussion. What you can see in the following video ,  courtesy of Jose Manuel Fernandez.

We arrived at Astorga and we joined the rest of the group to eat. I think we were there they smelled Galician enter the premises because seeing a couple she recommended, especially , “for its excellent beer” . What was our surprise to see some good taps Estrella Galicia. The idea was to eat the typical maragato cooked but forced bike ride prevented it. What better excuse to return.


Photo courtesy of Alvaro Trincado

 Xanita was left wanting for dessert and put all his efforts his best sad face to soften the heart of the small Guille and get well, a bit of his lollipop. He did not succeed. He knows how to pity face, yes, but Guille is back already. Xana does not know the technique of asking putting face punishment invented it.

That night we expected another pleasant meeting with good music, good friends, good drink and food in front of a well-fed fireplace. Little more can you ask for.

In short, so superb week as unknown to us as nice and cozy on dates in principle unattractive place for rural tourism. Apparently we had little chance of success but the result was excellent. Before going we thought it might be a failure by the climate and the few references we had the place but as well the poet said no walking path is made by walking .

So you know, ‘to walk !!

Xana trips, group travel in Astorga

Photo courtesy of Alvaro Trincado

Be happy, funplaneros friends.