Secrets for a happy marriage

secrets to a happy marriageThe dream of every marriage is to live happily ever after. While this is not entirely possible, because even the most harmonious couple in the world have fights and problems, there are several tricks that provides science for the relationship to be as perfect as possible and stay strong against the passing years. Want to know what? For in this the you do not have.

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

According to the Medical Daily web site, there are five ways to make your marriage is pleasant and fruitful.

1. Trust your instincts

According to doctors it is very important to pay attention to personal flair or what is called “gut feeling” because, generally, they’re right. This means that if deep down you feel that person with whom you are not the ideal place to get married, then you better let her. It is more likely that if you do the opposite of what your instinct tells you, you fail, you get to succeed.

2. Find the couple at school, college or work

According to a survey conducted by medical experts in relationships , those marriages made up of people who met at school, college or work are less likely to divorce than those where their spouses met in other circumstances.

To be more specific,   the research found that couples who met at school has 41% less likely to separate. While those who were for the first time in a bar have about 24% more likely to divorce.

3. Commit to someone positive

There are many qualities that are important when it comes to dating, but perhaps the more relevant the positivity. Note that living with someone positive, and be you too, will allow you to carry out a more harmonious relationship full of good experiences. This was revealed by a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, which also notes that this quality is critical to a lasting marriage.

On the other hand, a positive person not sabotage input marriage thinking that can go wrong or fail sooner or later. Quite the opposite, always see the best of the relationship and will bring out, while the couple struggle to bring forward, overcome the bad times and improve.

4. Distribute tasks

A study in the journal Feminist Economic argues that couples household chores are divided along better and live more harmoniously . This is because dividing chores reduces stress to which women are exposed, usually in addition to attending the house (and children if any) works. Therefore, couples who are responsible together for their “love nest” are less likely to divorce.

5. A movie

Something as simple as going to the movies can save your marriage, especially if they choose these movies drama or romance Why? Because then discuss the plot and life, attitudes and problems of the characters can deal with personal issues that often couples do not know how to tackle. They can also anticipate future problems since, through dialogue on the life of another (the characters), the spouses are more aware and delve into how to feel and see the world of his / her partner.

A good movie that you can share with your partner is “Fireproof,” an American film released in 2008 was a blockbuster: it grossed over 12 million dollars during the first two weeks of its release. Tells the story of two young (Caleb and Catherine) who have married and daily routine have lost the magic of his love; That’s when the father Caleb, who gives his son a book entitled “The challenge of love: 40 days,” appears on the scene. This document hidden rules to follow for 40 days in order to rescue their marriage.

This is an interesting story to discuss and, if you want even further out reflection, you can download the book “The challenge of love: 40 days” Internet and get to test yourself and your partner. You will see how the relationship goes back more harmonious day.

Beyond these five tips, the real secret to a marriage work is in communication. It may sound repetitive, but it never hurts to remember that it is essential to know how to express what you like and dislike, to listen to others and understand, learn to argue one’s position but be open to other and talk without shouting. Remember: soft words and gestures get much more delicate than the screams, threats and crying.

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