Princes blue and ashen

Cinderellas and Prince CharmingAs children, we all have been building in our mind a picture of the person with whom we would like to relate; formed on the basis of the stories, movies love , social gatherings, the family model, in addition to the stereotype, plus the excessive stimulation of the imagination itself; all this will result in an image of the ideal person, out of the blue one day come to play our door and tell us who loves us with the depths of his heart. Besides being beautiful / a, elegant, friendly, sympathetic / a, intelligent and with a lot of money.

Who took a little more life traveled know that these characters do not exist in fiction or in life. However, some people continue to busily bent on finding these stereotypes to try a relationship, which for some will lead to ideal love , given the insistence with which persist in your search.

This is caused by a kind of mental intoxication, which fed the imagination, we generate illusions that result in unrealistic and fanciful characters, who suppose someday will come to life and come to ours.

With this parameter unreal and fantasy compared to all the people with whom we interact, where this leads us to a permanent dissatisfaction and constant disappointment, because nobody will like us even close compared to the illusion created.

The important thing in this regard is aware of the situation created by us, not the other person disenchanted whenever we no longer see the attributes that our fiction attributed to him and that actually our Prince Charming or Cinderella never had.

In love is not worth the outside, it looks or appears; but what it is built invisibly from the heart of each to the other person. Each is special and unique being, for whom so you do feel that you open your heart, you provide the best and promote the best of your being, because you feel true love .