How to seduce by Whatsapp?

Whatsapp, Whatsapp … how many times we heard nothing of this popular messaging application. Today , all, or most, we communicated 24 hours a day with our friends, family, spouse, etc. through this App . Surely you also do this everyday use it. If during an outing you met someone interesting and exchanged phone numbers to avoid losing contact, insurance, most men count Whatsapp communication. That’s why today we tell you how you have to do to seduce the person you like through this application, which is already used by millions of people around the world.

Recommendations seduced by Whatsapp

Generates a suitable atmosphere

It is very important that your messages do not show desperate, do not be bold or ordinary. This is something that tends to alienate men. Always tries to start with subtle messages and suggestive, in which insinuate but those who do not say something that can actually cause discomfort in man. If you make good use of this application, we guarantee that you will gradually generating environment, emotion and arousing interest in the guy that you like.

Do not send incriminating messages after the first date

This is a big mistake and one of the most repeated the women . It is important that, even if they have already had their first date, you consider that not enough is known, therefore, can not know if a message can reach incriminating like it or not. It is always preferable to wait to know him better.

Never send a message with a few drinks

If you’re out one night and are somewhat happy because you’ve had the odd drink, we advise you to keep mobile. If you use it and send a message, it is very likely that the next day you regret having done so.

Yet messages, always you

Through the messages show yourself as you would face to face with that person, do not seek or pretend to be someone other than who you really are. Man assess that and begin to feel attracted to your true personality. So always remember that your message must be the reflection of your personality, your way of thinking and acting.

Do not use smileys

If there is a council that serves truth is this: do not put too much smileys in response to messages from the other person. Like the little use of emoticons for messages, we recommend that you do not send messages or shortened words in different languages ​​to speak both. That will not make you look sexy to the other person. 

Do not be impulsive

The biggest mistake you can make is eager to show his response. If you’ve seen that he has read your message and has not yet answered you wait … your impatience can gamble against. Ignore notifications or double check WhatsApp. So you’ll be more relaxed.