Who said no couple can not enjoy Valentine ‘s Day? If you want to experience a day of love the different account with us for us to help you prepare and not have to worry about more than an unforgettable experience … surrounded by your best friends!

Each person is different , so we offer five different funplanes divided by subject. Gastronomic, relaxation, adventure and activity holidays: choose your favorite category and … enjoy!

In several different places, Live the day of love with your group of friends!


Workshop Hard Rock Café Madrid cocktails

Cocktails Hard Rock Cafe

To whet your appetite we propose a plan with very good. Discover the art of mixology it is now very simple and Hard Rock Cafe will prove two hours of masterclass. But not only that. A show of acrobatic cocktails, demonstrations and a cocktail for each attendee make this planazo one FUNPLAN with all the letters. So you know, choose ten friends and enjoy with them the art of cocktail hand of a professional bartender. Let’s rock!


Beauty Party Madrid

Beauty Party Madrid

Have you ever thought you’d share Valentine with your best friends? If the answer is yes, we have a perfect plan for you in the heart of Madrid. We invite you to have a relaxing time in which to tell your things, gossip and give you an update. And if we accompany it with a celebration of beauty The plan can not be more round!

Massages, manicures and makeovers will make your Valentine a special day. With several prices, Madrid Party Beauty offers beauty menus from 30 to 55 euros per person. To close the Beauty Party overhand plan includes a bottle of champagne, cocktails and snacks depending on the menu … and if you want to give everything too … karaoke! Gather several friends, propónlas the idea and we’ll do the rest. Carpe Diem!


Gymkhana Madrid group

gymkana madrid

For those of you who like emotions and have a great time also we have a very cool idea for this special Valentine. This is a hilarious gymkhana through the central streets of the capital. Browse points guessing puzzles and passing tests was never so entertaining and if it is accompanied by two animators The experience will be complete! Team you will go past the embarrassment to enjoy a healthy, different and good company plan Surely this February 14th you will not forget so easily!


Birra-Bici Madrid

Birra-Bici Madrid

Have you ever wondered what you have is a kind of multitándem rise much people walking the streets of Madrid? We have the answer and here what you have. This is the Beer-Bike (or Bike-Birra) and is the fourth Valentine plan that we bring. Indeed, it is a multitándem bike with capacity up to 18 people and … most importantly incorporates a tap beer and sangria to enjoy the capital original form and especially fun for 45 minutes. Sure your friends will not say no so do not think so, count on us and it ROSE to Beerbike!


Madrid Segway Tour

Madrid Segway Tour

To learn differently Madrid there is nothing better than the segway. Hop on for 90 minutes this two-wheeled contraption and runs through the center of Madrid in a fun tour with friends in the hand of a professional instructor guide. For the less adventurous we assure you that is a vehicle as comfortable and simple and above all nothing dangerous! Surely a good outdoor plan this February 14th. Wear comfortable clothes and Madrid Let’s go!

And as we all have somewhere a little more special friend, if none of these proposals fits your preferences, we have plans for everyone. Do not forget to take a look at the funplanes we have for you and rematad the Valentine pegándoos a tribute at one of the restaurants of the capital!

Make a Difference and a Valentine’s Day full of experiences!

Happy Valentines!

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